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Static beam installation
Single laser beams - a pure fascination by itself. Deflected by mirrors all over the place, you can illustrate the idea of networks, spider webs, connections between different peers, and other technological and biologic concepts. A great way to immerse into something that is usually complex to understand. Here at LIVE Lasersystems, we always like to build something new. Static beam installations offer so many different ways of creative interpretation that it will surprise you every single time - no matter how often you have seen one. We promise!
Dive into it!
Be part of the installation. Find your perfect point of perspective. You are the camera in this game. Laser installations are either meant to be seen from a forced perspective or to be considered as a walk-through experience. Building three-dimensional structures offer so many new views that such an installation is nothing to walk by. Paired with sensors of different kinds, you can create something even more stunning by making it interact with the audience. You've got an idea for your event? Perfect - we have got the know-how to make it happen.
Better safe than sorry.
Static laser beams are the most dangerous kind of laser emission in the display industry. Making laser installations accessible to your audience is like playing with fire - dangerous, but when done by professionals, you can feel safe all the way. We know all the tricks and even have come up with our own ways of making lasers safer.
Lasers and much more
We don't just speak lasers. We also know lights, video, and special effects as well as pyrotechnics. LIVE Lasersystems has trained professionals in any of these fields and can offer complete multimedia installations out of one hand. In the unlikely event that there is something we can not provide from our side, we know the right people to collaborate with!
Going beyond the current
We all have seen those kinetic moving light balls - even the ones paired with laser beams. Is there a next step? Can laser installations become even more fascinating? The answer is definitely yes. When budget is less of a deciding factor, we have plenty of new concepts in the back of our heads that can be considered as new, game-changing concepts.
Let us work together on something cool
It's time to talk to each other and have a shared brainstorm. Challenge us!

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