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Urban Art Forms
Once again, LIVE Lasersystems was an inherent part of the Urban Art Forms Festival 2014. Bigger than ever, over 110W laserpower was distributed on 3 different stages.
The D'n'B stage held 2 brand new Ghost 4.5 LD, which performed all 3 days without any issues or misplaced beam superposition. The conditions were harder than expected. Extreme temperatures and high air moisture lasted all 3 days.
On the mainstage three 20W lasersystems delighted the audience during the show of Fatboy Slim. Already back in 2011, the cooperation between the Fatboy Slim production and LIVE Lasersystems worked really well.
On Beatthroat Stage, the inofficial mainstage, everything was redesigned this year. Visual professionals 4youreye created 3D mappings for a gigantic head, four elephant heads as well as some cogs and pipes. This kind of setup built the frame for a stage which seemed to be a present for the Urban Art Forms itself, as it was its 10th anniversary. LIVE Lasersystems equipped the stage with 10 Ghost laser systems each having an output with over 4.5W. Together with perfect beam data, the Ghosts didn't have to hide from any beam-lights.

Laser design: Martin Nowosad, LIVE Lasersystems
Lighting design & Operating: Georg Stadlmann, Artstage Lighting
Date: 3.7.2014 – 5.7.2014
Location: Schwarzlsee, Unterpremstätten
Service: custom live show for Headhunterz, W&W, R3hab, Dirtyphonics, Infected Mushroom, MakJ, Sigma and many more, preprogrammed custom live show for Fatboy Slim
Equipment: 10x Ghost 4,5W, 2x Ghost 4,5W, 3x 20,0W RGB
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