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Lumagica Vienna 2022/23
Over a period of over 2 months, 4x KORE 10 worked together to create a laser projection mapping onto the Miller-Aichholz palace as part of Lumagica Vienna. The display area spanned over a total length of over 52m. The laser projectors were housed in our own special developed outdoor housings to withstand freezing temperatures, rain, snow and even storms.
The content creation (laser&lights) was fully performed by LIVE Lasersystems' very own designer Martin Nowosad who previsualized the whole show with Depence². Graphics projections as well as contour mappings were ditributed over the whole building using a complex multi-zone setup. Besides this, the laser projection featured custom 3D mapped particle effects which interacted with the lighting installations. The whole multimedia installation was designed to run fully automated according to a fixed time schedule and were synchronized using timecode.

Laser design: Martin Nowosad, LIVE Lasersystems
Date: December 2022 - February 2023
Location: Miller-Aichholz Palace/Europahaus, Vienna, Austria
Service: Laser projection, laser projection mapping, custom 3D mapped laser particle effects
Equipment: 4x KORE 10 in custom outdoor housings
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